Comodo with utorrent, working but have a security question. [Resolved]


I recently installed Comodo Firewall and had to search the web to find instructions on how to get uTorrent to work properly. It works perfectly but I have a security question.

Here’s what I did to make it work:

  1. In the ‘Network Monitor’ panel I added the following rule.

  2. In ‘General’: Action = Allow, Protocol = TCP or UDP, Direction = In

  3. In ‘Source IP’ tab: Source IP = Any

  4. In ‘Destination IP’ tab: Destination IP = Any

  5. In ‘Source Port’ tab: Source Port = Any

  6. In ‘Destination Port’ tab: A Single Port = The Port Number Used By uTorrent.

  7. Then I moved the rule up above the ‘Block & Log’ rule.

As I said uTorrent now works fine with these settings. Are there any security considerations that I should know about given I’m allowing any IP to connect to the destination port that uTorrent uses? Note that I only run uTorrent from time to time (not all that regulary) and I’ve changed the port number that uTorrent uses by default to something a long way away from the default port number.

Many thanks for any info. and advise. Regards, etc…

You could just set the rule to BLOCK instead of ALLOW when you aren’t using it. You could then change it back to ALLOW when you want to use it.


That’s not really an answer to his question though (I have the same question as well) because is he vulnerable when he IS using those settings?

I leave my computer on always and am worried about that as well.

Thanks for the suggestion Jasper. But as stylewars says, I’m really after how vulnerable I am with the settings I’ve described. Cheers.

If the port is not passing traffic, that is, being in use by uTorrent, then the port should automatically be closed by the firewall and you would most likely be safe. Now if someone decides to do a port scan and tries to get in that port, and has the knowledge and ability to hack you, then they will be able to because you have allowed all IP addresses access to that port into your PC.

I would consider that a security risk since you are asking for my opinion.

Now if you change the ALLOW to BLOCK when not in use then the port cannot be used at all for any inbound traffic for anything until you change it back to ALLOW. A very simple solution to insure that your PC is protected.


Many thanks Jasper that explains it very nicely. Cheers for taking the time to give me the info. I will follow your advise, changing from ‘block’ to ‘allow’ only when uTorrent is running. Thanks again.

Glad I could help.