Comodo with Spybot S&D

Hello, I’m new to Comodo, I tried the product once before and I didn’t like it but I found so many people recommended it that I gave it another shot and I like it now! Thanks a lot for this product. I love it! On to my question, I was wondering if Comodo and Spybot Search and Destroy works well together. I used to run AVG Free with Spybot since AVG has poor anti-spyware capabilities and I’m wondering if Comodo will work with it too. I know that Comodo has anti-spyware capabilities but I always like to have a second opinion. If someone could tell me about that it would be very appreciated. Once again, thanks very much to everyone who helps contribute to this product. It’s fantastic!

Matt Segstro

Welcome to the forum, Matt.

Which Comodo product are you trying to inquire with Spybot? Firewall, BOClean Anti-Malware, Anti-Viruspyware, or other?

Spybot shouldn’t conflict with any of the 3, at least not with TeaTimer disabled (I’ve never enabled it so I don’t know the consequences).

I’m very sorry, I meant the antivirus/antispyware but I intend to keep trying Comodo products like the firewall. Thanks for your prompt reply, this is the best thing about Comodo is how good the support is, way better than anything else I’ve tried. Thanks! (L)

Matt Segstro

I found one thread with a user using both, but still no mention about the TeaTimer: