Comodo with Sandboxing

Hello everybody,i whish in the next versions to Comodo Firewall to be integreated Sandboxing(Like Online Armor and Kasperski IS)
I think be the best protection.
…p.s.Sandboxing but with out SlawnDawn the Interner :slight_smile:
Thank you boys!


sandboxing is being worked on and should be integrated into CIS V4.

best regards,

Oh Thank you so much!That is great News.I’m verry happy.

It will be a great if the Sandboxing bi to the principe like a DefenseWall.
Are the version 4 be a Freeware too?

Yes, V4 will be freeware.

I’m not sure how the sandbox is going to work tbh, but as soon as I’m allowed to give it a spin, I’ll tell you :slight_smile: