Comodo with PPoE connection issue [Please Help]

Hello all! have used comodo firewall for a while now and i just would like to ask if someone have experienced inability to browse or losing network connection after reconnecting to the internet using PPoE connection. My internet is connected alryt but the problem is i just cant browse nor download anything…as if total network loss…and i have to restart the pc then connect again in order for the internet to return in its working state (and hope that i wud never be disconnected coz i hav to reboot again :frowning: ). I am a ADSL user with PPoE type connection and i’m having that problem eversince with Comodo Firewall. Can anybody shed light on this coz im just wondering if im the only one experiencing this. i’ve tried installing it in a newly installed system and still the same issue. i wud really appreciate all your inputs and thanks in advance! :wink:

I’m sure the problem is that the rules you have made while disconnected from the internet were based on your “LAN” IP… then when you load up the PPOE software, your IP changes… and the rules don’t accomodate for the new IP range.

What I suggest is not connecting using PPOE software/drivers. Look for a nice inexpensive Router (I use D-Link myself). Plug it in between your PC and ADSL Modem, read the documentation that came with the router so that you can change your PC IP address to be on the same subnet ( for example) and make sure you set the gateway to be the IP of the router (unless you want to use the DHCP ability of your router), configure the router to log into your ADSL connection, and remove the ADSL software/driver that you are currently using… the router will now “dial” your internet connection for you.

Remove your “home network” zone and network rules and recreate them with the wizards in CPF. You may need to bounce in and out of your old application/network rules that were pointing to the previous “home network” address range so that they can see the IP changes for the new zone.

Now you have rules set to a static IP range, and you get the benefits of a hardware firewall.

Try the latest beta CPF This problem is fixed at this version