Comodo With Portrait / Landscape Option

Why do so many apps, and good ones too, ignore completely the user that prefer a landscape view? Personally, when I browse the “markrt” for an app, I find myself selecting the one with high download counts, good ratings that outnumber 1-stars and has settings that allow switching orientations to and from portrait/landscape.

Even if it means passing up some fairly good apps that has “portrait only”. Question: Ive installed Comodo and uninstalled a long-time used app eStrong Task Mgr (landscape) and uninstalled another virus scanner app. Will COMODO consider or develope the orientation option or two version downloads?

I dont want to believe I am the only one preferring this added option.

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Looks like there were previous post discussions in the past that made a comment or two about landscape orientation for tablets. I wonder if theres a site taylored for landscape version apps for tablets?

Personally, I don’t think all apps work visually in landscape.
I try not to use landscape as it is not the default or normal way one holds a smart phone. Portrait is.
Just my view