Comodo with Kaspersky problem !!

I use Comodo firewall pro v3, when I try install Kaspersky 2009, Kaspersky says uninstall Comodo :-\

How can ı solve this problem, Comodo and Kaspersky not work together properly?

For what I could see so far Kaspersky has issues with a lot other security apps. What can you do? Uninstall Comodo and then install Kaspersky, then install Comodo. No more bothering.

It is pure marketing from Kaspersky Lab side. It makes all sense, if you think. They’re a security vendor. They have a security solution that includes firewall+ antivirus (antispyware, etc.). So, makes sense. Fair? No. Reality? Yes.

The last time I tested it on a virtual machine, it deleted Spybot Search & Destroy. I remember it also had “conflicts” with Lavasoft Ad-aware… well… I believe the list could be quite long…

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I understand, now uninstall Comodo and install Zone Alarm Pro, this test results,

I think now Zone Alarm Pro better than Comodo.


Hi pcman.

There was a small bug in CIS causing these results. It has been fixed and a new update for CIS will come out next week.


I understand, thanks for help.