Comodo with Antivir PE Classic

The COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4 is compatible with Antivir PE Classic?


I think so… try it! ;D

Yes it does!

also works good with Bitdefender, SpywareBlaster, AdAware, Spybot, SuperAntispiware, AVG Anti spyware, A squared, Trend Micro Antispyware.

I have run all these programs and have not had any problems~

also with Spyware Terminator? (L)

I have Spyware terminator. I haven’t used the HIPS though…
No problems for me.

Currently using Antivir classic, CF Pro 2.4 and Spyware Terminator with HIPS (but without ClamAV). No issues so far! Used this lot with previous versions of CPF no issues.

Yes there are unfortunately bugs. ::slight_smile:

All seems to work ok when the ‘Alert Frequency Level’ is set to ‘Low’.
But if it is set to ‘High’ then after reboot Antivir Guard will not be able to start. One has to do it manually from the antivir GUI.
No matter if one answers yes or allow or what ever prompts one get from CPF and when nothing is blocked previously.

Only by making a rule as in the picture I provided where the local destination address is does it work automatically from the system start.
I found it by using the 'Very High" alert lever setting.
For anyone interested, I am using a cable modem connection.

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Ok that’s right! :slight_smile:

Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 is compatible with AVG Antivirus 7.5 Free?


I tested ver. 2.4 with AVG 7.5 and no problems, but why use AVG 7.5 if you can have CAVS ?? (:NRD)


That rule shows the localhost address; you might try a few things (to test this, you’ll have to remove your custom application rule first). When trying these, do one at a time, removing the previous change and rebooting in between. This takes a little time, but that way you can isolate the exact solution. This is the order I would recommend trying them in:

On the original application rule for Antivir guard, Edit the rule, go to the Miscellaneous tab, check “Skip advanced security checks” and “Allow invisible connections.” OK, Reboot.

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. Check the two boxes “Skip loopback connections…TCP/UDP.” OK, reboot.

Then go to Security/Advanced/Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention. Go to the Miscellaneous tab. Uncheck the top box, “Block all outgoing connections while booting.” OK, reboot. (This may not be related, and by default may be unchecked already; I just wanted to throw that in for good measure.)

Hope that helps. Or, you can always leave your custom application rule in place, as that ultimately accomplishes the same thing…


Thanks for your reply LM. I think I’ll stay with this solution I found. Works just well.
I am new in using Comodo and my trust is not so great to go playing so much.
But thanks for your answer. I am still curious to find out if others have this problem I found out? This Comodo 2.4 was updated with the automatic procedure with no uninstall in between.
It seemed though that version 2.3 bug, confirmed also by me, of shutting down Antivir Guard when putting CPF into ‘Block All’ mode was fixed in this release.

I did find out yesterday that once I turned off the learning mode for component control, did something related to running Trillian and Firefox inside Sandboxie and hooking between trillian and Firefox, after playing, blocking events.dll, I could only run Firefox inside Sandboxie or something.
If Trillian was there running, no connection to Firefox. Unblocking that dll did not help or reboots or whatever I tried.
To fix all is I removed all the component rules to try the learning mode from anew. Applied to accept the change. Put the learning mode back on. But it was not working anymore. Once only learning mode, lol? Seemed so on my system. I am eager for replies, but since my system seems working, not willing to follow the advice intructions since my trust in this firewall as any software is limited.
Well, was not so difficult to add those dll’s with the prompts. Not a big problem and maybe i missed something.

But the point is, there is so much unverified information, things might be working different with one system/internet type connection, that a poster like myself wants only to post findings and then if they are more general findings the Comodo team to work in silent to fix for the next release.


What you questioned in your post below. “Unverified”. Other users, come here and post if your system behaves the same or not.
I agree that Sandboxie (2.64) might cause some conflicts. :wink: The thought of deleting the sandbox perhaps didn’t come to my mind. Anyways that is a past experience. I’ll propably, if I keep Comodo, will experiment more with this, but not atm.
That learning mode thing should have nothing to do with Antivir Guard, as not to confuse readers way off to the main topic.

No problem, Jarmo.

If you poke around in the Advanced stuff, and think you may have messed something up, there is a Restore button at the bottom of that Advanced main page. This will set everything back to default. I understand your hesitation, and certainly if your rule works, there’s no specific need to change it. But if you want to gain a little confidence, just follow the steps. That’s why I say to do them one at a time; it’s easier to reverse changes that way. :wink:

Interesting about the Component monitor in Learning mode - one time only, eh? I’m not too surprised at an issue using sandboxie; although I don’t use it, I see how there is potential for something getting a little out of sorts, since it doesn’t allow writing to the system; a file might need to be changed/updated, and get overlooked by the user. Like you say, you can add the components from the prompt.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here, though:

But the point is, there is so much unverified information, things might be working different with one system/internet type connection, that a poster like myself wants only to post findings and then if they are more general things the Comodo team to work in silent to fix for the next release.
Can you clarify for me?



The link of download CAVS ???

Looks like they haven’t finished all the website upgrades from this past weekend. I’m sure it will be back up in the next day or two. Keep checking…


Works fine for me with alerts settings on Hight. I had an issue with previous beta version when updating Antivir. The avguard service did not restart automaticaly.
I had to make rules (Loopback) for Avguard and Avgnt.

It is not a bug. When you block all trafic, you also block conection to loopback (, localhost), which is used by Antivir for internal communication. That’s why the Antivir Guard shuts down.