Comodo wish list.....

i am using comodo Aplha its a gr8 product…

i wish they also add cookie active x, java, JAVA script, referrer blocking…etc… option in comodo like its been in outpost and many other firewall… so i dont need to set my browser for every site or no need to use third party tool like The Proxomitron for firefox…etc…since many sites contains harmful scripts …so i think comodo also take this issue seriously…rather than a joke. :THNK
and waiting for its BETA …product… (:LOV)


For me, it’s not my wish.

Firewall is …a firewall. HIPS add is a good solution today, but if you add now :
-anti javascript
-anti popup
-anti spam
-anti virus
-anti spyware
-anti …

  • auto reconnect (for Dial up modem)
  • whois option
  • W3C checker (I’m joking).
  • etc etc

Nero is a burning soft, to burn CD/DVD. Now it become near 200Mo.
No; I don’t want a firewall becoming like a whale.
Comodo firewall should stay a firewall. It should do the designed job as good as possible before doing something else. It’s just my opinion.

And, I suppose, adding check on the network process will be impacted on the performance !!

The whois option is a good idea.

But for me,I prefer a total change of the interface with graphical charts:something like the 2.4 version.

Well I have two small requests:

1- When I deactivate the Comodo Firewall I want an option to not see the warning window ever again (maybe a checkbox on that window).

2- Option to be able to deactivate the cmdagent.exe when you deactivate the firewall

As for the new 3.0 version I just hope it doesn’t randomly forget that I have “ignore parent app” checked… Happens mainly with Firefox and Thunderbird when Comodo gives warnings about “process changed interface… bla” and I allow it and set remember my choice.

Looking forward for the final 3.0 :slight_smile:

P.S: There should be an official sticky wishlist/suggestions thread

Welcome to the forum. There is. It’s in the feedback board:

Hopefully version 6 will come soon, then we’ll get to close the existing thread and migrate these wishes to that one if still applicable by then.

Ive noticed a lot of people having trouble setting up a network connection through comodo v3 and in 2.4.Ive been trying to set up my xbox 360 through ics on my windows xp, I do not have a router i connect wired to a lan card on back of pc.Really like comodo v3 beta but searched and followed instructions from comodo forums but im dammed if i can get my xbox 360 to connect through my pc.
Soon as i go back to sygate 5.6 it easily lets my xbox on to the internet.My question is, is there a way to add the easy ics set up feature that sygate 5.6 has to comodo v3 beta
Thanks Thinking Thinking Thinking

  1. Is there a way to view the whitelist, or check if a program is on it?

  2. What if I have my CFP set to learn safe only, and block a program, and it’s on the white list…will it get through?

  3. Not entirely a whitelist question, but what happened to the ‘ask all’ option? I don’t like learn all, everything gets through…safe list lets things through without my approval. I think an option to start from a blank set of rules and build from there works well. This wouldn’t use the whitelist, but an option I’m sure some would want–giving total control of what goes in/out.

These are questions for CFP3, and I’m running Vista.


I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement this at the beta stage, but I would like to see a checkbox beside each rule that would give users the option of enabling/disabling rules with a single click. Sometimes it would be helpful to temporarily disable a rule without deleting it entirely.

Furthermore, displaying the full application path in the Network Security Policy window makes sense, but it would nice to have the option of choosing an abbreviated version (such as just the application name, or even a custom name) for each application listed.

Otherwise, the beta looks fantastic. This has the potential to be one of the best software firewalls on the market.


  1. This is ‘Ask All’ mode in Defense+ and ‘Custom’ mode in the Firewall.

I am pretty sure I read in a past discussion that the COMODO approved white list would not be veiwable
You can build your own white list but I am not on a PC WITH CFP3B loaded so I can´t remeber the exact step to doing this.

I´ll look tomorrow


I agree 100%


Thanks for the responses.

It’s not that I don’t trust the white list, but just because an application is safe doesn’t mean I want it to access the network.

It would be good if set to ‘custom’ and the popup said “this program is in the whitelist and should be ok.”

I ask these questions because I like the idea of a whitelist for my not so technically saavy father who I have 2.4 installed on his computer, and will upgrade to 3.0 when it’s out of beta. Sometimes he gets click happy and can install something he shouldn’t.

What’s the criteria for being safe? Spyware shouldn’t be on the list, but the term can be subjective. I might think a program is spyware and don’t want it using the network, but Comodo might think it’s just fine, and let it out by default (whitelist). That’s why I think it would be a good idea to have a page to type in a program name and see if it’s white listed.


Beta seems fine, but what about

– shortcuts to help disabled users (at least optionally!)?

– other languages supported within Beta?

TY Sandra

I think password protection should definitely include Firewall Security Level Setting’. Otherwise any user can just set that to ‘Allow All’ and all protection is gone.