Comodo wins again


I am back to using Comodo after testing the free version of Norton from Xfinity. Long story short, using the test files from Comodo rates 98% and Norton rated a horrible 62%. It even missed many items my Malwarebytes caught and Norton claims I do not need Malwarebytes with it.

Comodo still rocks my world!!

??? Hi. I never knew you could get a free version of Norton, usually they charge for it.Is this version crippled in terms of what it can do and certain features not enabled maybe?..may explain the vast difference in detections.


Some ISP’s, or companies, will offer users the paid version of antivirus software for free as an incentive to use their service. Thus it should have been the full product, and not crippled in any way.

I’m not knocking CIS, but I would not make my security decisions based on Matousec tests.

I agree with you. wild malware testing is also a good way. there are more of such tests that you can gather