comodo windows problems

I need help.The beta version of comodo doesn’t seeem to be working well with windows.I open the security center and I see “not monitered” which means no anti-virus is installed.It shouls say : “virus protestion is on”. Is there a [atch that will correct this problem.

Hi there armando3101 and welcome to the forums (:WAV), this is known about. It isn’t a bug though, or a problem with the anti virus not working well with Windows.

Since this is still beta software and does not have the detection rates (at least the last time I checked) of other, more established software, it has not undergone the testing that it needs to in order to get listed in the Security Center of Windows. The next release, CAVS 3.0, will be released in the upcoming weeks and I’m sure at that point Comodo will work with whomever it needs to to get the anti virus recognized by Windows.

Edit Also, maybe I should mention that just because it isn’t listed and the Security Center does say “not monitored” it doesn’t mean that the antivirus isn’t working properly. To test if it is working, just go ahead and open up the GUI and on the main display it should alert you if there are any problems.

It is a lengthy process though and I’m sure right now the developers are concentrating on getting the product out to begin with.

Once again, please be aware this isn’t a bug or a problem coexisting with Security Center. If this message bothers you, just go ahead and turn off notification for it in the Security Center console, or, if you’re like me and hate Windows notifying you about anything, turn off Security Center in the services menu.