Comodo & Windows Firewall

Hi everybody,

this is not really an issue, but rather a question. I am running the latest versions of CIS on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I know from experience (and I have also been told that) that it isn’t wise to run two firewalls together, so when I installed CIS I disabled Windows firewall.
Everything is running just fine, and it was also when for a brief time the two firewalls were running together.
I was just wondering if indeed Comodo recommends to disable Windows firewall while running CIS or not.
Thanks :slight_smile:

It is always recommended to run only one firewall at a time, as you may experience unexplainable results otherwise.

i know that only ZA can work with windows firewall through experience

Comodo’s firewall is far superior to the Windows Firewall anyway… so why bother having two?

It is not recommended to run two firewalls. It is at your own risk when you do.

When I do a clean install of CIS, which happens often enough when running test versions these days, I start with enabling Windows Firewall before uninstalling. I usually end up forgetting it is switched on until couple of hours after installation.

From that experience it seems they don’t bite each other and it doesn’t seem hurt to temporarily enable it when clean installing while being too lazy to remove the network cable from the back of one’s computer.

Disable the ipv6 option in that operating system. though i don’t think to many people use it. I found that if i did not people using windows 7 could still access my shares. O0 :-TU