Comodo & Windows Firewall.


I’ve been using Comodo firewall for a few weeks now after have problems with another (comodo came highly recommended) but I’ve just noticed that both comodo and windows firewall are running together. I’ve read in a couple of places that this might cause conflicts. I just have a couple of questions.

Firstly - when it says conflicts what exactly does it mean ? Is it like each Firewall canceling each other out and acting like I don’t have a firewall running ?

Secondly - They’ve both been running together for a few weeks and I’ve not noticed any problems, so would it be safe to leave both running ?

Appreciate any help.

I was pretty sure it was suppose to disable Windows firewall as I’ve been told that running 2 firewalls and 2 AVs can cause problems.

I just looked at my Windows firewall and its on…I am wondering if I should turn it off.

It’s a bad idea to run 2 FW’s at the same time, for the same reason it’s a bad idea to run 2 AV’s :wink:

Beanie :slight_smile:

I was reading that just now on

I am really surprised comodo didn’t disable it.

BTW Thanks for the response beanie

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As Beanie pointed out, yes, disable Windows Firewall (it is almost useless anyhow).
Operating both together may somewhere down the road result in issues that defy reasoning.
It is always best to disable Windows Firewall prior to installing another (any third party) firewall.

I am starting to think maybe having both running was the reason my computer sounded like it was having a heart attack lol CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH with nothing running in the processes.

Same, I assumed comodo turned it off, that’s why i didn’t.

I’ll Disable it now so it hopefully doesn’t cause any issues.

Thanks for the responses.

It’s a bit odd that way. It will disable it on some systems, and leave it running on others.