Comodo & Windows 7 - works ... but

The latest release of CIS works great with Windows 7 RC1 but I have found one small glitch.

If you open Defense+ then My Pending Files, click on Add then Browse Files and select the C: drive and check the Include subfolders check box, you’ll get an error message that says An invalid argument was encountered.

Same thing happens if you select My Documnets so it looks like any link causes a problem, since in Win 7, my Documents is just a link to \Users\xxxxxxx (xxxxxxxx is your account name).

The actual function of the firewall and Antivirus works fine.

I tried on Win 7 RC but can’t reproduce here.

Windows 7 RTM, x32, Enterprise no problem.

Are you running 32 or 64 bit ?

Windows7 Home Ultimate RC x86, cannot replicate the issue.