comodo window hidden by video game

This has probably been asked, but I can’t find it in the help or FAQ.

Many of the video games I play automatically update on startup (MMORG do that for example), so Comodo flags them as changed and asks if they should access the Internet.
The problem is those games are using DirectX and monopolize the screen, so the comodo popup is “hidden” under the game.
ALT-TABing (if the game lets you) will show that there is a comodo prompt, but because most games use a lower resolution than my full desktop size, the prompt is off-screen when I ALT-TAB (generally when you ALT-TAB from a game, the screen resolution doesn’t get changed).

This is the most annoying feature about this kind of firewall, I used to run Zone Alarm and had the same complaint.

Is there a way to Accept/Deny “in the blind” (yes, in some cases I don;t want the game to use the Internet).
If not, is there at least a way to force the popup to be centered, or aligned to the upper-left of the screen?

Note: even on games that don’t update, I have a similar problem on initial install.

Sounds like thre is no way to deal with this then?
I did a bit more research in the forums and didn’t find anything but unsatisfactory bandaids like “use a second monitor”, or “after it fails go back through the logs to manually enable it”