Comodo will not update.

This is the second time I’ve had a copy of Comodo working just perfectly on a machine, and suddenly due to an updating error, suddenly become useless and seemingly unfix-able.

So, virus definitions were out of date. I updated, rebooted and waited for a time, and the definitions database still claimed it was out of date. I attempted to update a few more time, with no joy.

I uninstalled Comodo, reinstalled, and now it says that the database has never been updated. I update it, reboot, and the same again.

Really disappointed, as I used to swear by Comodo, but over the last month I have experienced this bug twice on two different machines.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Just wait for the next automatic update. It should remedy itself.

I’ve waited for the automatic update and it fails! Update fails on both a 64x machine and 32x machine. I’m quite disappointed. :-TD

Hi all,

I had the same problem with my Comodo Internet Security on a WinXP 32-bit pc.
I tried several things, even a clean install of Windows XP but the problem wasn’t solved by that. I also reinstalled Comodo of course, but that didn’t work as well. The diagnostics of Comodo didn’t report a program failure.
Now I’ve virus updates by NOT hiding the progress-screen of the virus update. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but my virus database is up-to-date now!

I hope you can solve your problem with this information!