Comodo will not recognize a file as trusted

Hello, I recently installed CIS and am pleased with it mostly. I am having a problem, however. I have been using a package of software for approx. 20 years, so it is one that I trust. After loading Comodo, I had to answer some alerts when this particular program was first run as I had expected. The problem is that every time I run the program Comodo alerts me that the publisher hasn’t digitally signed this application and that it shouldn’t be trusted. I check the box to “always trust this file” and then “allow”. The software will then start. The next time I run the software, Comodo repeats the performance. How can I get Comodo to actually trust the files I tell it to? The file appears in the trusted list but Comodo simply seems to ignore that it is there. I have never had this problem with any other firewall. Once a file is accepted it is always allowed thereafter.

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Is this file on an external storage medium of any kind? Does the application changes when it is being used?

Does any of the workarounds in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] bring a solution here?

The file is not on anything external.

Thank you for the link. At the bottom is a reference to executables that use cmd.exe in some way to start. This file does. But the menu picks given to exclude it doesn’t match what I have. ( Comodo 5.4 ). “Image execution control” isn’t in my available options.

I don’t really think that is the problem, though. I have attached an image showing the error I am receiving. It simply appears to not accept any file that isn’t digitally signed and that it is requesting unlimited access. It’s OK that Comodo alerts me to software that may be questionable, I have no problem with that. It seems that if there is a “Always trust this file or package” checkbox that Comodo would actually pay attention if I check it or not. Why else give me the option? I have known and worked with this software for many years, I don’t know why it isn’t digitally signed, but I really couldn’t care less if it is signed or not or why it is requesting unlimited access, it is just doing what it has always done. I just want it to run without having to tell Comodo to allow it each time before it can start.

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I have achieved success. I found this post that referenced “unlimited access” .;msg450590#msg450590

I followed the instructions and when I tried to start the application I received a different alert. This one stated that cmd.exe was trying to start the application. It had a checkbox to remember my choice. I chose to allow and the application started. The next time Comodo remembered as it should and did not ask again.

Thanks, Tom