Comodo Wiki

I am trying to revive and update Comodo’s Wiki. Right now I’m working on the help guide for CIS, but once that is done I plan to add more to the wiki.

Examples of what to add:

  • Help stuff about CIS and other Comodo products
  • News about CIS and other Comodo products
  • Security advisements and good practices
  • Anything else that I and others can think of about Comodo and online security

Now this might sound kinda hard…and it will be if I’m the only one doing it. So I want others to be able to join up and help too.

But there are some problems:

  • You have to be accepted into the wiki, and no one is regularly doing that
  • Once we get people in, active mods/“sysops” will be needed, and most forum mods are too busy here

No problem, you may think. Just find someone who will do it.
I offered, but Melih wasn’t so sure. And he has very good ground for those thoughts…

(I bet you suspect I’m all power-hungry and whatnot. 88) But this is a sort ofvision” like Melih had for a secure internet, only this one is much smaller. And yes, I do like to be in control of things. :-[ But, like I said, I also have other reasons.)

Anyone have comments?
Longings to nominate themselves as “mods” of this? :stuck_out_tongue:


What you are attempting is a monumental task, Jeremy. may I suggest you offer yourself as the Moderator on Wiki?
As the previous board had posted, place the compilations on the (this?) board for confirmation and clean-up before anything is posted to Wiki.

I did “offer” myself, but Melih thinks I’m good right now. Which I am, but soon I won’t.

So you think I should post my articles here, get them reviewed, then post them in the wiki? That could be an even harder task, what with converting BBCode to “WikiCode” and the image stuff…

All information should be approved before going to Wiki.

Hmmm…I’d much rather that there were others on the wiki approving it…if I have to get it approved here it will take foreverrrrrrrrr…

Howabout I post a link to recent articles, and you guys review and tell me changes (since it is hard to get on the Wiki right now):

Just finished this: IT Service Management (ITSM) | Information and FAQs from Wiki Comodo

Also, I added a poll. :slight_smile:

Lol…I wonder who voted “Jeremy? No way”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished Scan Profiles.

(Just one more! :BNC Although, this will be a long one…)

I voted jeremysbost, anyway… (:HUG) (:LGH)


Thanks. lol


(Having a longggg discussion with Melih over PM… :slight_smile:)

I would give you a chance :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

After about 10 PM’s to Melih, I found out something that kinda “killed” some hopes:

removed basically said (I think) that I couldn’t be in a position as high as a Comodo employee.

So, the way I see it, is that only a Comodo Employee can be an sysop there… :-\ And, most of us know that probably Comodo can’t spare a employee just to stay on the wiki for half a day or something…

But I got to thinking (oh dear :)): How come Wikipedia has all these different levels? Admin, Steward, etc. Could Melih make a lower level? Hmmm…

Jeremy, can I give you a sujestion ?

Next time, ask the person with who your were pm’ing if you can make it public first . This is actually breaking some privacy… :-\


Ok, I removed it.

(This privacy/copyright/etc stuff is kinda hard sometimes :slight_smile:

jeremysbost Iam a bit confused about this thread… Is this about you wanting to publicise and help comodo with a manual about CIS while some don’t see you suited for the job ? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Errr…it was mainly to advertise the Wiki and show what I has doing with it. But, I also added some “ideas” to it too…

Hey Jeremy :slight_smile:

If you’re still working on the wiki, may I suggest that you edit this bit on the CIS article?

Just because CIMA heuristics will no longer be in v3.9 :frowning:

They will be in v4.0 though, so the CIMA section can just be moved there.

Beanie :slight_smile:

I’m not working on it any more … why? My main goal for it was “squashed” by Comodo’s company policy.

That’s a shame :frowning:

What part of the policy? Are you not allowed to be helpful? :stuck_out_tongue: