Comodo widget

I was wondering about why the browser icons don’t show in my Comodo widget. I only run the firewall. The twitter and FB icons are there as are all the rest of the ones from Comodo. Just the browser ones are missing.

When you right-click on the CIS icon (in the Windows taskbar) and select Widget, is the one for “Show Browsers Pane” checked?

Yes it is but no browser icons.
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Strange. Can you please post a screenshot of the widget and a screenshot of the options which appear when you right-click on the CIS icon and select Widget?


I can post one of the screenshot of the icon but when I try to capture the options it closes before I can capture the screen or the Snip. The only 2 selections that aren’t checked are “Always on Top” and “Show Status Pane”. That’s it . I had this before and it worked fine. I uninstalled it once and reinstalled it and it still does this. Here is the other screen.

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That’s strange. Something may have gone wrong with your installation. Please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this post and see if that solves the problem.


Reformatted my machine and re-installed. That takes care of the whole process. They show now! ;D

Glad to hear it’s working, although I’m sorry to hear that such drastic measures were required.