Comodo Widget/Icon Not Running

I had to reinstall COMODO yesterday after widget and firewall issues. It would get recognized in the action center to do updates after installation, but nothing would come up. Eventually I just let Windows Update run to see if this the was the issue causing it, but it seems to me it didn’t fix it. Going into general UI in COMODO settings and trying to activate it, it still won’t run the tray icon on the bottom or the widget. Eventually after clicking multiple .exe’s in the COMODO installation folder I was able to get it to update/run it’s first scan since installation, but the widget and system tray icon will not start normally like it use to. I don’t know if this is a bug, or just an issue on my end. Any help into identifying the problem would be appreciated.

Windows 7

Yes it is a bug that should be fixed in the latest beta if you want to try.

I’ll wait for the next release then. If I hadn’t been able to update it I would probably be asking for the beta.