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Was wondering, if in fact some of us could set up a web site dedicated to Comodo, links for downloads, etc. Trying to spread the word and as long as it remained strict to Comodo policies, not garbage associated with it, and would be done on a user’s time, would this in fact hurt or help Comodo? Or is it even a likelyhood?



hey Paul,

I’m thinking about doing just that on my wifes company’s web site. We have a range of software we push, and there’s nothing more pushable than Comodo (Only haven’t done it so far because of time constraints - can’t build web pages and post at the same time, can I? LOL).

No, unfortunately we can’t lol. I can whip up a darn good HTML site though in not too much time. I can make you one, send it to you and you’ll be all set to go! ;D



Trying to start a business and I would promote Comodo products the most, and even advertise for free on it, however don’t know enough HTML to start the store…

Hi Justin, there are many many sites with HTML learing on Google. It’s not bad at all. If I can learn it in one night, i’m dead sure you could. If I can find my code to the site I built, I will post the basics of it and take out my links etc…so you have something to work from if it will help.



Never said I didn’t know HTML :P, just meant that I don’t have the skills nor programs to create a resonable business site.


Look at the templates at for ideas. Most are simple enough and you can see what you are doing just by opening the file in your local browser. Then cruise over to Chami and download HTML-Kit. It’s a easy to use html editor that integrates with the browser for fast editing.

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I’m not sure what kind of “store” you would need when you are pimping free products. No need for a cart because you don’t need to accumulate anything. No need for a checkout because the balance is always $0.

If you have ideas to sell other goods while providing Comodo stuff for free, then that’s different and there are plenty of shopping cart apps available. Just choose a technology that you are comfortable with and start Googling™. Personally, I use php for everything because I hate client side scripting. YMMV.

Well, yes you did, <<however don’t know enough HTML to start the store…>> (:AGY) See how you are? lolll .

Paul :smiley:

Hey Justin,

If you don’t know HTML, I’d recommend that you start playing around with some of the WYSIWYG editors, just to see what code does what. Its easier to focus on the design in a visual sense and then discover what code the authoring package creates to make the display look the way it does.

One good freeware package is Nvu -, but it does have limitiations. For someone starting out, however, these limitations may not become critical till later, and you should have a better idea of what you need by then, anyway.

IMHO, the best visual HTML creator is Namo WebEditor 2006 - There’s a trial download, I think it runs for 45 days. It can do just about everything you should need. I’ve used it through 4 versions so far, and haven’t found a reason to back away from it - other than the fact that their support sucks like a Hoover! Despite their lack of official support they have a good forum support system, but the application is solid enough and easy enough to figure out, the support is a minor issue (at least to me ;)).

Word of advice, unless you have to, stay away from Front Page. It’s visually created code is totally IE-centric. You can make it work in other browsers, but it’s a job and a half. It may have improved since I last looked at it, but I’ve been spoilt by Namo.

Hope this helps, and if I can be of any other help to you, feel free to PM me.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Just to clear everything up. YES I do know some HTML (took me about an hour to learn) but I know basics yes I can create a basic web page without any other software programs but not n a shop. Yes this shop will promote free products as well as paid products, it will be a suitable place that can fit everyone’s budget it will have products that are below normal retail, for example Spyware Doctor instead of being $29.95 USD for a download you can go to my store and buy it for $24.95 or maybe even less, I will promote products such as avast! Professional, Webroot Spysweeper, Ad-Aware and other products, I will promote both paid for products and free products the same, if there is a free version of a program I can tell you now that it WILL be there. Like I said it is a shop that can fit anyone’s budget :).

loll, I know Justin, just giving you grief is all. When you get married, you’ll be immune as well. :smiley: If you want to set up a store, I would suggest getting a software package to do so and not mess around. You don’ t have room for error when dealing with paying customers. Just my opinion though. Can we make a poll on what to name your store? We wil pool names, and then throw them in a poll! If I don’t quit brainstorming, i’ll flood my kitchen.


It seems that Comodo members in this forum have an obsession towards community polls. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess that is the sub-conscious part of the democratic mindset speaking. Haha… Or is it so? Shall we have a poll on that? ;D

Yours truly,

I don’t know Doom, perhaps a vote to take that poll would be in order. (:TNG)