Comodo Website

After hearing about CPF, I decided to have a look at your website.

Normally, before downloading anything, I usually check for documentation, awards, forums, etc.
Sadly, there was no documentation to download that I could find. It may be part of the CPF install,
but I prefer looking at the documentation before installing anything I’m not familiar with.
Kerio (Sunbelt) and others offer their documentation separately which is a plus as far as I’m concerned.

Also, there is no information on what version of CPF is available for
download. You have to download the setup.exe and unpack it to see that CPF
is at How about adding a topic that is always on top in the CPF
forum called “CPF Release Announcements”?

Here you could have a list of changes implemented in the current build, known issues,
release information from previous builds, etc. This topic would only be appendable by support

I haven’t tried CPF yet because of the Font/DPI problems experienced by users
that do not stick to standard settings. I’ve never understood why stuff like
this never gets tested. Believe me, there are a lot of apps out there that
don’t bother trying their menus etc. with other Font/DPI settings.

Anyway, a one stop source of information for CPF would help a great deal in
improving the product’s visibility

Thanks for listening,

Al: Welcome, and thanks for the great feedback concerning the dedicated CPF website. I’ve just forwarded it to marketing.