Comodo Website Filtering

Seems after some testing that website filtering doesn’t work with vanilla Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi but works with stock Firefox. I assume it uses some kind of hooking method for filtering that just wont work with latest browser updates and features? Testing on for example phishing test page gives log entries for block (but no browser message just browser own couldn’t connect message) for Firefox but not the others. A bug or perhaps there is a need for different method to make it effective?

Tested both on host PC and in VM. Same result.

We will be integrating Comodo Online Security:

So what does this mean for users of CIS who perhaps don’t wish to install this?
Will website filtering still continue to be broken with specific browsers unless you use this additional software?

The future model around browsers is to make any changes using browser extension only. So extension will integrate with installed CIS and provide solution as expected from CIS.

This answered my question exactly. Thank you.