Comodo website filtering and Sandboxie

Comodo firewall (10) and Sandboxie (5.20). The problem: when browsing in Sandboxie, Comodo doesn’t block malware sites (I added a lot in website filtering section). When browsing in Comodo containment or ,nude" browsers, Comodo blocks malware sites. The problem (i talked to Barbara from Invencea) is that sandboxied browser goes as ,anonymous user". In website filtering, i have checked ,everyone" users. Could someone help me please? It is not a big problem, still it would be very nice to make Sandboxie and Comodo work together. P.S. No alerts from Sandboxie or Comodo firewall. Skal.

If I remember correctly sandboxie blocks the loading of guard32.dll/guard64.dll into sanboxed processes which contains the webfilter capability. So you need to configure sandboxie to exclude blocking of those dll’s which can be found in System32(64-bit location) and SysWOW64(32-bit location).

Thanks, futuretech, your suggestion didn’t help. No problem. My PC is super protected by Sandboxie, Comodo and Avast.