comodo web sheild


i want comodo to make web sheild in CIS.

i seen this feature in free avast 5.0. so why free CIS dont have this feature now.

it is a great feature.hope to see it in comodo.

+1 :-TU

Comodo AV does that job if i am not misstaking.

Web shield is apart of Avast AV.


Hi mittal,

it is not necessary, read this Comodo Forum


Maybe comodo can integrate a web shield in dragon for instance


hi peter

i read that post but wat about network sheild and if there is web sheild in cis, then it alerts and it is good.

i used avast for 1 year. and i was using free avast. now i use cis. CIS is very good and nice AV but only few thungs like web sheild,network sheild and

should be added in it…

i opened 1 site with lot of virus having that site. comodo does not alerts when i open site. when i try to download from that site then it alerts.

avast blocks the internet to open that site and gives alert about infected site. this is vey useful.

i want this 3 features in CIS.

hope to see this feature in next program update.


Comodo webshield like Prevx Safe Online

The features should be added to CD.


I personally don’t think there is need for a web scanner because it will only slow down web browsing. Also if you use Comodo DNS then isn’t that in a sense a web filter?

comodo DSN should be enough. Lets not forget that a malware needs to run before it can do any harm. In other words: Malware that just downloaded can’t do any damage or harm.

it seens like you wan to make comodo into avast?
the just use avast or the famous combo of comodo firewall + avast, thats for you
also you need to see this video of languy99 comparing avast with others

you will see that the webshield and behavior shield of avast is nothing but an illucion

You said it kinemitor! :-TU

Have to disagree.

+1 I personally agree it is not necessary, if some people require it to feel more secure make it an add/remove option during setup. Kind regards.


There is a bit of a mixture of issues and/or misunderstanding here by some users

the referred thread (posted by Ronny) was about e-mail real-time scanning. That is indeed unnecessary & extremely damaging feature that has to be disabled in any given AV solution ( was discussed dozens of times here in the forum)…

The “web shield” whatever you mean by that has nothing to do with e-mail scanning


I am with Tech here and have to disagree as well

Firstly, because … again… BB is an absolutely different matter to “web shield” … not even close to what languy99 was trying to show.

Then I don’t think that what is was showing is absolutely sticking to the point

  • The point was to show AV capabilities only
  • Avast has BB
  • Avira does not ( at least in a free addition… correct me if I’m wrong)
  • so what was the point to test Avast’s BB after all?
  • Comodo’s Defense had to be disabled (Globally) as well in addition to sandbox for performing that test… it was a bit of a waste of time… : “Allowing” all Alerts
  • in addition as it was pointed by languy99 all those malware leftovers were (previously) detected/flagged by Emsisoft (best detection rate on the market), which has host management (employing hpHosts) , but that is not a “web shield” per se & has nothing to do with the test as well

Finally where was the “Web shield” ??? - that was not the case to test that at all , so why there are a references to the said videos here?


I know Ronnys post was mainly about e-mail scanners, but Web scanner was mentioned isn’t that the same as Web Shield? I agree with Ronny that all other scanners won’t add any extra protection. Kind regards