Comodo Web Scanner

I think you guys should make a plugin for a browser and when you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any popular search engine, it will scan each web page and give you a check or X beside it. Comment and tell me what you guys think ;D

yes docter web has one of these for firefox i havent gotten a chance to use it but this idea is awsom

Also, another good thing would be to add a scan for downloads from popular places such as Mediafire, Plunder, Megaupload, etc. I myself browse safe, but that would be a great addition to put on a family members computer that doesn’t know much about safe browsing.

Sorry for the double post. AVG has a link scanner, but it is the worst junk ever made. AVG itself is junk. I think Comodo is the best protection. A link scanner would be an even better addition to Comodo.

yea my friend has avg and im going to help her get avast b/c comodos a bit to complicated. i remember norton internet security had something like a link scanner but i hated using it and hated how it looked also kaspersky has one but i never know if its workin or not

When i had Kaspersky, it didn’t work for me. Norton’s scanner isn’t too good. We all know the You are an idiot java virus, don’t we? Norton rates that site as safe. Ahaha, Norton makes me laugh.

Link Scanner+Cloud antivirus+Web rating+browse sandbox = The best IS