Comodo Web Guard on Comodo Safesurf

Hi thought that a cool new option in Comodo SafeSurf, the addition of users of dangerous sites keylogger, trojanami, viruses, spam, etc, what do you think?

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Comodo safegaurd\CMF is designed to prevent BO, which they do an excellent job :slight_smile:

Something like site advisor that mcafee\trendmicro\hautsecure(it is inbuilt opera) use? There are plenty of those out there that do a good job. You could even look up about modifying your HOST file.
Can you please add this into the Wish list? (CIS)

!ot! What has the website you linked us to have to do with anything? lol

sorry Kyle paste a link to a dangerous website, I think that well to add such an addition to Comodo Safesurf and throw links to dangerous sites with malware.

P.S I use Google Chrome :)google chrome is constantly updated blacklist, but the above example, this page with malware is not added