Comodo Web filtering

I would like Comodo Internet Security or comodo browsers to come with a decent malware filter that blocks phishing websites and exploits.At the moment the only option is comodo secure dns which seems to be very poor in detecting threats.It would be great to have a competent web blocking technology like vipre,avast etc that blocks threats before they reach your computer.

Comodo’s stance has always been that web filtering is a waste of resources. In order for your machine to be infected, malware must hit either your hard drive, or your RAM. This is when CIS will act.

There is not antiphishing in CIS.

Can CIS block exploits?

Of course it can.

can websites steal saved passwords without cis knowing or giving alert

Thats good for executable files but phishing websites and fake websites are also high risk threats that can steal your information,passwords,money…Even against executable files web blocking saves a lot of time and avoids confusion.With the huge community that Comodo has I dont think it would be such a difficult thing to do.

Doesn’t pretty much every browser use Google’s database of phishing sites? (I know Chrome and Firefox do, I don’t know about IE and Opera) Don’t you think that Google has a better chance of coming across the phishing sites than Comodo does? After all, indexing the web is Google’s bread and butter.

You have Comodo dragon which includes google analytics which does block a lot of phishing sites, and also includes Comodo secure dns. I always though it would be nice to have a web filter that by default would be set off so that those who want to have web filtering and doesn’t mind the extra resources used by comodo would be nice.

Google Analytics has nothing to do with blocking phishing sites, nor is it a part of the browser.

Well google has some sort of anti-phishing. I probably used wrong name

Google Safe Browsing protects you from malicious sites and phishing sites which have been reported to, or detected by, Google.