Comodo: Web-based forum protection

As I mentioned earlier, another thing to create would be some type of web-based forum protection that would prevent the “Dean Kelly” incident that we’ve seen today.

Hi Jimmy,

We are trying to delete all evidence of this ever happening, so I am sure there will be something that will be done, I have also noticed you can only send 1 PM every 300 seconds.


Well now it is 90 seconds and it has been applied to posting and PM’s

EX: Post a reply on a topic, then try and send a PM in less then 90 Seconds after the PM will not work.

we can make the posts non html capable. this means we can’t post html either.
Lets see how we go with the new measures we have taken, if these don’t work, we up the tempo…


I can only hope that it never comes to that. I think the measures you have taken are effective enough. Especially with your new team of moderators ;D