COMODO was running constantly and freezing the PC

After a format and clean reinstall of windows I installed the latest available version of COMODO and it has not been running right.

It was hogging all the CPU resources with the HDD showing constant activity. When I checked the running processes in Windows Task Manager I discovered it was using an incredible amount of memory and the HDD LED was showing constant activity.

I couldn’t open any programs or access the internet due to this. In short the PC was running like treacle when I managed to get it to run at all.

I uninstalled COMODO and the CPU usage stopped and the PC went back to normal and the HDD constant activity stopped. After reinstalling it the same thing happened again. I had to remove it from my PC

I am sorry this has happened as i had been using an earlier version of COMODO for many months without any trouble before I installed this new version.

Can anybody tell me what was wrong please?

i Would Request You To Check Disabling The “Check For Updates Automatically” Option With CIS, Restart The PC And Let Us Know The Results

Have the same problem.
Time to time cmdagent.exe freezes my computer (AMD Phenom X3, 1 GB RAM). At the start I have to wait for about a mint till I can do anything. According to Task manager it uses up to 250 MB RAM and usually 10-20% of CPU time.
But it not only does it at the start later on - seems randomly - it starts again so I can’t do anything on my PC again.

Any suggestion why its occured? When I installed it was fine but now its kind of a nightmare.

Installing updates typically eats 250 MB of RAM and not too crazy CPU usage. That seems normal. What is not normal is that it cripples your system. Try adding the pagefile to the AV exclusions. The pagefile can typically be found in c:\pagefile.sys.

What OS are you on? What av database number is showing under Miscellaneous → About?

Windows XP SP3
Comodo version: 3.12.111745.560
Database versios: 2596

after having used CIS for years without problems, I have experienced the same problem this week.

Uninstall solved the issue… weird…


Vista Business

I am having the same problem. This started about 3 p.m. GMT on October 7, apparently when Comodo automatically updated. Task Manager shows that Comodo is using 98%all the system resources. Control Panel won’t even open to the point where it populates the pane with icons so as to be able to double-click “Programs and Features” and unistall Comodo.

This is happening on my wife’s machine and I am out of town and unable to deal with it in person. That means it is not just my problem but a HUGE problem. Advice or the names of good divorce lawyers needed ASAP.

Please read here;msg332540#msg332540