COMODO warning still in Windows Defender Security Center, after uninstallation

I uninstalled the free version of Comodo Security, but Windows Defender Security Center still shows a red X for Virus and Threat Protection and Firewall and network protection, both saying that actions are needed in COMODO. I had problems uninstalling, and wound up using the cleanup tool, but still having this problem.

Any suggestions?


Usually there is a short period where the security centre shows a red x when you start up your PC. This is the security centre checking which protection is enabled for antivirus and firewall components. The time varies but usually within a few minutes it should go back to the green tick.

Did you reboot after your initial quick scan when you installed it? Can you provide screenshots and system info?


Thanks for the reply, Eric. Actually, it’s been several weeks now, and several reboots. I built this computer for my son, and originally installed Comodo Security Essentials, but then decided to install Bitdefender instead. I don’t know where Windows Defender Center gets its information.

I’ve attached screenshots of the windows security screen, then the anvirus options screen, and then the dialog after I click on Manage providers.

thanks again

I’m having the exact same issue, right down to having installed Bitdefender instead for someone who was looking for something a little different. I really would prefer not to have to install Windows 10 from scratch on that computer … we have no idea yet how to remove it entirely? Is this specific to Windows 10 or to Comodo itself?

Just wonder if you’ve tried the Comodo Uninstaller: Comodo Forum

Usually removes all traces

Well it would appear that something was funky on my system the last time I tried to use the Comodo Uninstaller. I tried again at your recommendation (having forgotten about it) and it did indeed fix the issue for me.

Thanks Ploget~ :azn:

Thanks, I have tried this a few times, logged in as an administrator, and when it finishes, I get the message “Installation of Comodo product not detected. If you still think Comodo product is installed, please report on Comodo forums”

I’m inclined to blame Windows 10, but would love to be able to fix this.

Thanks much, everyone.

You can manually try to reset the windows security center.

I suggest doing a clean install of the latest CIS version, delete any temporary files and then see if the the Windows Defender antivirus element is working. In the past with clean installs, I’ve had to restart that service but it tells you in the security centre and you just click a button to restart that service. Do another reboot and if security centre is fine, do a clean install. It has been taking a minute or two for win SC to finish searching for installed products on boot-up but it seems to remember CIS is installed after a few reboots.

The repair option Futuretech suggested may work, this is just another option.


Thanks so much! This worked perfectly! Thanks so much to everyone (and especially you) for your time and help. Have a great day!

Thanks! Futuretech’s suggestion worked, but I appreciate having this other option. Have a great day!