Comodo wants to close

Hi all!
Have just installed the personal firewall. Seems to be working fine. BUT every few minutes it tells me it wants to close and I must press ‘yes’ if it is upgrading, etc, or ‘no’ if it isn’t. This is getting bothersome and can’t find a way around it. Help please?

Hi and welcome,

Something could be trying to close CPF. Worst case could be a trojan or other malware - have you scanned for viruses etc? Try an online scan as well as your existing protection to help make sure.

Are you using the beta / the stable version

Can you give some specs. of your computer and other software running?


Yes I agree. Something is trying to close Comodo Personal Firewall! Make sure you dont have any trojan/vius.


OK, I’ve done as you suggested. I ran my own anti-virus (Avast! 4) and followed that with an online virus chacker (Kaspersky). I also ran the usual Ad-Aware, Spybot, and SpywareBlaster progs, and I have Regrun running in the background. My 'puter is as clean as I can make it.
I re-installed the software - having uninstalled my previous firewall, Kerio, completely - and I’m still getting the notice every 3 minutes “Comodo Personal Firewall is going to close…” etc.

My OS is Windows XP SP2 and I have acres of RAM and HD space, well beyond the programs requirements. The only other programs I have running apart from those I’ve mentioned is Tune-Up memory optimiser, ASUSprobe, and Xclock

The Comodo version number is downloaded from the official site.

Me too. My PC seems to be clean. What to do?

Consider an online scan by the pc-cillin. For the time being is the most accurate online scanner :wink:
Go at
and select “Scan Your PC”