COMODO Vurnerability Repair?

How about making a “COMODO Vulnerability Repair” software that repairs any & all Vulnerabilities? :slight_smile:

Hi The_Cats_Meow,

That was a good joke indeed :slight_smile:

Did you mean “COMODO’S Vulnerability Repair”? :smiley:
Well, in this case they do what they can according to bugs reports posted & so on … the same as other security Software(s) do.

If you mean those vulnerabilities of OS (Windows we are talking about) being discovered day after day or vulnerabilities presented by 3rd party Software installed – non of security can do anything about it.
That has to be fixed by the vendors …, like fortnightly MS “security tampons” …hehe! etc.

If you mean cleaning malware … basically, that is the same story. This & that security can be successful trying to clean some of those buggers, but I hope you understand that it is not possible ever to clean all of them & that will never happen… therefore some vendors creating special Tools (which are not a part of the main Suites) in order to eliminate specific (already known) infections. That does not work in many cases anyway.

And that’s why you have to use very special Utilities & Tools. The latter have nothing to do with any particular security Software (Comodo included). You will be guided step by step by malware expert(s) … and there is no other way – Perfect cleaning of infected system by Comodo (or any other existing security) is Fata Morgana. Yes, as simple as that.


Still, Comodo could develop a vulnerability scanner (as they did many years ago) that could inform the user if their software was vulnerable or needed updating. This was (is still) a very usefull tool in Comodo’s portfolio of products.


Hi Graham1 ,

I know what you mean, but we are talking about existing/already (at this moment) known vulnerabilities for OS and/or Software installed, that are not patched by the user on any given PC

What can be better (… currently …) than Secunia PSI, which is in constant development & improving?

At the moment there is no need wasting time & resources IMHO :wink: