Comodo Vulnerabilities

I noticed that in this site Comodo is not tested

I have read that it is the best site in wat it does and thats finding vulnerabilities in software.

I was wondering if Comodo would send them there firewall 3.0 when it come out, Comodo Boclean when it come out etc…

The good thing is if they test Comodo 3.0 beta well when Comodo 3.0 final comes out they would have found most of the vulnerabilities?

Thought maybe here Melih would read it (:TNG)

Melih? u know why they don’t test Comodo? or when Comodo 3.0 and Comodo Boclean comes out they will test it?

The adavntage of this is they do it for free and don’t make u pay for the vulnerabilities they find like matusec (don’t know how to spell it lol)

So can/will Comodo firewall and Como Boclean be sent to to find vulnerabilities in the program?

Sure… we want everyone to test it :slight_smile:


So does that mean u ppl will send ur firewall to them to test :slight_smile:

well, the firewall is public!
more than happy for them to download it from our public site and test it :slight_smile:


What??? That sites (note i said “site”) only lists and reports vulnerabilities publicly announced, they don’t test them! Not being there simply means no one has borthered to look for vulnerabilities (or more likely people have found them, but have chosen not to disclose to the world).