Comodo Vs Zonealarm

Hey guys.

I just wanted to get your opinions on comodo Vs zonealarm as a basic firewall protection.

Ive been a zonealarm user for quite a while now, but ive recently decided to try comodo…its an impressive piece of software but id like a more experienced opinion of it compared to zonealarm, if anyone has used both…


You might find some informative stuff this topic.

For me, there is no comparison. Despite being free I think CPF is in a different league to ZAP.

Thanks for the info.

Guess i should explore the forums before i ask those kind of questions (:TNG)

Ill be sticking with comodo for now, its nicely featured for a free firewall, and considering ZA has been gving me issues recently, theres really no reason to switch.

Hi Folks,

I am a former Zone Alarm Security Suite user who has also recently switched to using Comodo Personal Firewall. I am extremely happy with this software because of the clean user interface which makes it much easier to use than Zone Alarm. There is a fine line between making such a piece of software easy to use but at the same time offer the kind of features that people want. There are also features in Zone Alarm that are excellant as well. A couple of examples are the option to lock the hosts file and the option to globally disable all internet server (IN) program access. I know that I have mentioned both of these in previous posts but thought that it would be appropriate to mention in this thread. In conclusion, CPF is great but even great things can and should be improved. CPF Rules!


No it’s OK. I think that original topic lost its way a bit anyway & there is no harm asking again. There are more former ZA users using CPF now as well.

I used za for years,but i am more than happy with comodo,great proggy. (:CLP) (:HUG)

The only thing i wish to query is there are never any updates whenever i try.