Comodo vs. Vista Firewall (with advanced config.)?

Hi everybody!

I am using Comodo 3 on Vista Premium32bit.
I am investigating to understand better the security theme, and I’ve found out that some people says that Vista Firewall is a very good one, for incoming stuff, and that evenctually it can be possible to install this addon to improove outcoming stuff protection:
I am very novice in security, and so I have no idea if these are just unfounded opinions of few ones.
They also provided a link to this site (may not be the right page) where possibly one can test its firewall, and they say that Vista passes all tests.
Personally, I would like to have as less programs running as possible. SO, I imagine, and repeat imagine, that the Windows Firewall should use less resources.
Why is Comodo Firewall necessary, I mean, how does it protect better than Vista’s one?
I also see that in Administrative Instruments (I am translating from italian, sorry) there is a Windows Firewall with advanced protection, and I see that there are three profiles, domani, private, and pubblic. Onlythe pubblic one is deactivated or activated from Control Panel.
So, should I deactivate domain and private profiles too, if I use Comodo?

If you compare firewalls to firewalls then Vista firewall is pretty good. Not as good as Comodo. Vista firewall is not even rated by Matousec. Now as far as Comodo. Comodo is a great firewall with a very powerful HIPS program built in. Vista firewall is a plain firewall that’s it. In today’s day and age you need a behavior program like the HIPS (D+) that is built into Comodo.

If you can make Vista firewall beat all these test and score like Comodo did then go ahead and show me. If you can make Vista firewall pass the System Shutdown Simulator then show me. I bet any amount of money you can not.

Vettetech makes a quite a few valid points. Something like the XP sp2 firewall has the sole virtue of being better than nothing. Its my understanding that the Vista firewall is better than its XP SP2 counterpart and is a two way firewall.

But still, the comodo3 firewall is better than the Vista firewall and for a variety of reasons. (1) The vista firewall is more or less as is, its not directly configurable without a bunch of extra steps most people will never take. And in as installed condition, Comdodo3 is far more powerful and adds things like HIPS and D+ protection without extra configuration. (2) For more advanced users, comodo3 becomes a geek’s dream with more options and power than anyone can shake a stick at for any willing to read the help files and these forums. (3) And unlike the Vista firewall which will seldom if ever update, CPF3 will just keep getting better and more powerful after every update. As as new vulnerabilities get discovered, CPF3 users will likely get patches in mere days or weeks while Vista users will likely have to wait for months or years.

Wow good points Osage. Vista firewall needs to be tweaked to make it work correctly. I know there are several programs out there to do so. I am an XP user and will always be. On the other hand Comodo is the most powerful free firewall out there straight out of the box. No tweaking needed.

Hmmm, well, you seem to know what you say.
Nobody wants unusefull programs running, so I believe you.
Well, I stay with Comodo, but, could you tell me about Windows Firewall Advanced Configuration? If you use XP I do not know if it has got these features, but in VIsta it has. I have read many times in this forum that even if there are no conflicts between Windows Firewall and COmodo, it is unusefull to let both running. But if I deactivate the Windows Firewall from Control Panel, and then I check in the Advanced COnfiguration under Administrative Instruments (once again sorry but I am translating its name, so it coul be different in english), I see that only the Pubblic perfile is deactivated, while the Domain and the Private one are still there.
Should I deactivate them too?

Anyway, I like COmodo. And I appreciate the work of people behind it, as they are giving it to us for free. It is true that they gain anyway, as Comodo become famous and more peole want to buy the paid version, but it is always a free great firewall they are sharing with us… (:CLP)

But I still do not understand many things.
Are you telling me that in the help file there is all explained? I mean, like in a manual? I do not underestimate the forum, but for the limits of my connection I can’t easily use it. I stay minutes to charge a page you guys charge in seconds…
As about what I asked in the other thread, Vettetech, about Leak Protection. I would like to understand more. But I am answering you there…
Thanks (:WAV)

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