Comodo vs TrendMicro OfficeScan (conflict)

In my work, the antivirus used is the TrendMicro OfficeScan (garbage).

For extra security, I installed the Comodo Firewall with Defense +.

There seems to be a conflict between the two, because the graphical user interface Comodo (cfp.exe) fails constantly (crash), forcing me to start it manually.

This happens when viewing the list “Computer Security Police.”

When viewing the files of Trend Micro in the list , the GUI gives crash.

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It’s not recommended to install more than 1 anti-virus program in computer.
And D+ in Comodo sometimes it’s confilct with other security apps.
However you should contact your admin for disable or uninstall TrendMicro. (If you can’t uninstall or disable it)
And install full featured CIS.

Comodo AV is not installed. Only Firewall and Defense +.

And I think that is interesting for developers to know the existing conflicts.

Comodo Firewall and Defense + works well with Avira AV, for example.

Yap, good find… :-TU :-TU Umesh has asked for this kind of info not so long ago: