Comodo vs SuRun

Hi All,
I have 2 queries :
1). Is it possible to achieve the same results as claimed by Surun using CIS ? If yes please tell me how to do that.
2). Why in the systems having installed both CIS & Surun the GUI location of CIS on screen changes every time the PC is started?
Although I don’t see the problem is in Surun because it is so programmed that it gives high priority to any HIPS program installed above itself. So I thought to bring this problem to CIS developers.
Apart from GUI problem there exists no conflict between Surun & CIS and they work just fine(my experience). However if I choose to sandbox Surun, the problem of GUI gets solved, I mean the CIS GUI is in center again.
But since Surun is a safe application it must not be sandboxed and if sandboxed it will have no meaning of installing it.

For members not knowing Surun see the links below :
b[/b] → Kays Senf » SuRun
b[/b] → Kays Senf » SuRun

And for a nice tutorial please visit SuRun - SUDO in Windows - Tutorial


This looks like to be similar to Using Comodo Internet Security as an anti-executable.

Thanks for the reply.

But what about the conflicts/change in the position of GUI of CIS after the install of SuRun. I mean why its position on screen changes every time I start my PC. ???

It irritates me. >:(

You can try the v5 RC2 and see if that changed that behaviour or not. Otherwise you can submit it as a bug.