Comodo vs

Since I installed Comodo I see a difference in speed.

I did some testing at and here’s the results:

Comodo Active = Down:7631 kb/s Up:752 kb/s Latency: 106ms
Comodo Not Active = Down:12473 kb/s Up:883 kb/s Latency 46ms

I understand that a Firewall will validate each packet… but is there a way to optimize
so Comodo is on… but speed will be less downgraded??


My comodo version is under XP

Go to firewall/advanced/attack detection settings/miscellaneous and insure everything is unchecked. I get about the same upload/download with/without Comodo (DSL).

My results are also the same. Maybe your processor can’t keep up with it. But I also need to mention that my dsl is “just” 6700/430 on with or without cfp so fewer packets to inspect = less strain on my pc.

I already have the settings under firewall/advanced/attack detection unchecked.

For my processor, it can handle much more… than that!
My computer is a Intel Core2 Duo 2.66Ghz E6750 with 4Gigs or Ram.

Regarding my speed, I have 16Megs ADSL with my provider, but based on the distance
between my home and the Co… im only able to reach 12-13megs. But when Comodo is on…
I get less… :frowning:

As soon I disable Comodo… speed gets back to normal…

Is there any other setting I should validate?