Comodo vs Phishing websites

How does Comodo do protecting against phishing websites? I have noticed that while the most knowledgeable computer users can detect a typical phishing site, many average users are not so savvy.

So, how well does CIS and the Comodo Android mobile version protect again phishing? I have seen that there is a section in the mobile version about protected websites, but I have never seen it actually do anything.

CIS has a web filtering module, which in fact has been receiving updates only a few months after it was introduced. Actually, it gives you 0 protection now.

Comodo Secure DNS is more up-to-date I guess, but from my own testing, I’ve found it very little effective.

In overall, CIS will not protect you from phishing. You should rely on your own criticism or third-party software.


We have protection against phishing sites coming in CIS soon.
First it is going to be introduced inside Secure Shopping environment and then in CIS.

Stay tuned.

That is good to hear!

I can think about many priorities in CIS and website filtering is not one of them…

It will actually have nothing in common with classic website filtering :-La