Comodo vs Internet Download Maneger

Good …
I wonder why the comodo present every time the download manager
as a virus

or suspicious file even after I put it as a trusted file.

He relates how a virus is IDM.exe up Killswitch’s facilities also reported the same problem.

It will use this program for many years and it is the best and most used download programs of all


Is there any plausible explanation Huh ?


Samuel Pereira (CNY)

Ps: I asked in the space of language PT-Pt but I see that there are many unanswered questions for a long time and date.

I have just downloaded and installed the latest version with no problem…
AV DB: 10178

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I have observed that Comodo AV repeats many false positives i.e a FP is solved then again it returns back. I think there is a specific thread to report FP’s which return back after some time. Post this FP there.


No Cracked(İllegal) İDM :slight_smile: Cracked İDM = Malware

Yes Legal İDM : Download the latest free trial version of Internet Download Manager = Not Malware

Ok you caught me lol :wink:
IDM cracked and I have never thought that was it
thank you for everything :110:

Locking thread…