Comodo Vs Avast

I have of course in my Internet free time wandered in to the evil doers sector on occasion by using P2P file sharing. It appears that P2P is Virus to Virus and nothing but. I’m done with P2P no point but I wanted to say that Comodo picked up every single virus. I run in high H mode w/ no exceptions.

Avast Free Home edition while good program just couldn’t hold up with Comodo. I trust Comodo will identify all treats while I now wonder why Avast didn’t. Freeware or not that does not make me free safe with avast Home edition so I guess paying them wont help either.

Oh , I also have a paid edition of Zone Labs. POS and JUNK being nice. I ■■■■■■ uninstalled this and never went back. Bestbuy my ■■■. Save your money.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

m :slight_smile:

avast hasn’t heuristic, it will be on avast 5 (probably October 2009), but avira has heuristic…

sorry about my english

P.S. Maybe comodo av hasn’t heuristic too but defense+ works great

If program doesn’t explicitly says that it has heuristics, that doesn’t mean it’s not using them.
Because avast! does use them.

I would be extremely surprised if there were any AV solutions available today that don’t use heuristics. :o

Heuristics are what gives an AV any hope of a zero day detection. An AV without heuristics would be a very poor security solution.

Yes they have An AV without heuristics

These program that’s don’t have heuristics, They display a file size of malware in numberic.
(For example Ahnlab, Kingsoft)

These product are failed in proactive test (A test without signature)
Because if the file size didn’t match a signature it’s missed.

For me Avast detect a lot but they didn’t give a detection name in all detected malware.
Let’s see avast always detect “Win32.Trojan.gen [Other]”.
Or that is heuristic detection ?

Note : Since I used avast for a time. I still suggest what “Network Shield” is ?
there is about heuristic

Avast 5 UI looks very appealing.

It’s about time they upgraded the looks, gives nice professional feeling.

To be honest for me it’s not about the looks. It can look like un-themed Windows dialogues and windows to me - the layout and structure is what’s important. I would be glad to see tree plus this kind of layout only. During past few years TABS became sort of fetish. Software devs tend to place every three options or so in a separate tab! Drop fetishes and test and measure instead (yes, this kind of problems are measurable).

Surely you jest.

We might as well go back to editing .ini files, lol.

How this resembles ini editing is a mistery to me. Layout presented is not ideal too (too cluttered) but I was showing the idea. IMO Network control rule can incorporate “grouped layout”. Who would get overwhelmed by all those options there placed in groups (like in SUPER), well separated, instead of tabs? An infant? Not to mention that tabs can sometimes double the number of clicks required to perform a certain task. Anyway, it’s not on the topic. Comodo will do what they please. It won’t change a fact however that professionals perform research and only consult users or use them as lab rats while amateurs/PR experts let users decide.

I know but for common users professional looks mean something, they feel that can trust that program more - and it’s about time that they make their UI easier and better looking.

P.S. use MeGUI instead. Way more powerful GUI.

I might give it a try, thanks.

Alwil has released Avast! 5 Beta 1 Avast 5.0 Free AV - First Beta [version 5.0.70]

Whats new?
-totally new GUI (I hope CIS 4 will have GUI as good as Avast5, because it looks great and very clear)
-new scanning engine with heuristics
-many other changes…

FYI Comod Antivirus pre CIS had always had Heuristics. Latest new improve antivirus heuristics were introduced into CIS in 12/02/2009.

See release notes:

A from how far into the future are you making your posts?

Thats an european date format, meaning 12th february 2009. Thats why i prefer to write dates in ISO format on the web (YYYY/MM/DD), it’s less confusing for everyone.

ALso if you call CAVS “heuristics” as heuristics, well they are nothing but ■■■■■■ packer detection in most of cases. Thats packer detection, not heuristics. avast! on the other hand rarely depends on packer detection) and with version 5 they are introducing true heuristics with Dynamic Translation code emulator and Behavior Analyzer as last line of defense when ■■■■ manages to get past real-time file scanning shields.

That’s why we all are looking forward to have “real” CIMA-like heuristics, hopefully in CAV 4

Soz in UK we use DAY/MONTH/YEAR

Well anyway, is good to see that there is competition on the free security product domain !!!
That will and can always be good for us free security software users !!

So now the ball is thrown in CIS court, let’s see the response with CIS v4 !!!

                                                                  Be safe !