comodo vs 15 zero day malware.

What do you guys think to this test…?

Thanks for the video link, DARREN.1972

Well, since you were (probably :wink: ) the 1st one watching it and supposedly you are using the latest CIS full Suite (except Comodo’s sandbox, since Sandboxie is in your signature) - what do you think about it?


I thought the results were very surprising myself.
8 infections found by malwarebytes.
I have the comodo sandbox enabled too with sandboxie and run with no problems.

was there any active infection after restart?

In the video he says he restarts computer and performs a quick scan with malwarebytes and finds 8 infected files and one memory module infection.
He then cleans the infections with malwarebytes and restarts again.
the machine is then apparently clean.
I believe the detected threats were in comodos quarantine myself.

If there is an active infection after restart, then we would love to know about it.

judging by the video i would say there was no active threats after the malwarebytes restart.
He did scans with hitman pro and norton power eraser.
the threats found with malwarebytes correspond with the earlier detected threats by comodo.
So i think the detections by malwarebytes were files in comodo quarantine.
He has given a negative overall opinion of the latest version.

ok thanks for that.
So CIS did its job and prevent any active infection…welldone CIS

The reviewer believes the latest version of comodo is faulty in some way.
That there are bugs in the program.
He does state this at the end of the video.

I think languy should really take a look at this video.
He can assess whether this test was fair or not.

the reviewer of this video has just sent me a message and he says he has performed several tests with version 5.3 and has badly infected the computer.That his windows desktop was destroyed.
Im not quite sure what to make of it to be honest.
He has confirmed that malwarebytes was not detecting files in quarantine but were program files and dlls.

alexander the reviewer on the video has just downloaded and installed a fresh copy of v5.3 and is coming out with more or less the same results.
Hes tested 40 pieces of malware against comodo and upon re-boot there was still 11 infections active.worms were also mentioned.

regards. :THNK

This case should be reviewed by CIS team.

can we pls have access to these malware so that we can test asap.

I’ve just watched the video. The files were not in quarentine.
I also read the comments and there are others saying they managed to infect the machine with 5.3.

I would like to see more reviewers testing this version so as to have a more balanced opinion.

He stated that Pro active setting is the best …is it ?


hey guys

here’s what I think

I didn’t see the video
I don’t want to see the video

I would like for him to come here and explain everything exactly
or at least respond to Melih’s request and supply the necessary information so that COMODO team can look at it , maybe the guy then deserves a big thank you

Yes it is.
For more info go here…

More details here: Differences between Proactive & Internet Security configs [v5]

I have asked alexander to submit his malware samples to comodo.
Whether he has or not i have no idea.
Hope he does.
It will benefit all of us.