Comodo + VPN + Yahoo messenger -> BSOD

System: Windows XP + SP3, windows firewall is off
Comodo - free version is installed (the newest one)
Network: home network, cable, I have “external” static IP.

When I open VPN to my corporation network and after that run Yahoo messenger I got blue screen after 10-30 seconds with message: Driver IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and point that this error is caused by “inspect.sys”.

Other facts:

  1. VPN itself not cause that problem
  2. Yahoo messenger itself not causing that problem
  3. If I close comodo (security and surfsafe) yahoo with vpn is working with no problems.
  4. The intense network traffic to VPN (such as remote desktop) increase speed of getting BSOD
  5. No other antivirus, firewall and such software is installed

The problem appear in 100% of cases when comodo runs with yahoo messenger and VPN.

What the solution?

1 - Which VPN client are you using? And what version?
2 - Do you have a memory dump for the crash?


  1. Nothing special. Just standard windows xp vpn connection.

  2. Usually, I do not have my PC setup to make dump, but if you’d like (i mean it can help) I will do that. How detail dump do you need?

Just a small minidump will do. Do you have any other seucirty software installed?


No any other security software is installed.

Dump file is attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got BSOD even without yahoo messenger, just VPN+Firefox. Dump is attached.

I regret but I would need uninstall Comodo - it become to frequent. I really like that product, and if this problem will be fixed, I certainly will use it.

Have you any idea what is causing problem? I mean, is there any way to disable some functionality and get rid of this problem without uninstalling whole product?

Sorry, forget to attach dump

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Again,

Can you please tell me the exact version of CIS have you used while getting this crash?

I have already uninstalled it from PC which was crashed because it become to annoying, but on my notebook I have version 3.8.64739.471. I installed it in a difference in a couple of days. If you are suppose it can help, I can install Comodo again (any version) and try to initiate crash.

I am software developer, so I understand how difficult is catch that kind of errors, so feel free to ask me what do you need to make your product better

Thank you very much. It will be really helpful. I have just PMed you.