Hello, I used the COMODO Firwall for a few days and then all the sudden AVG found over 40 viruses incomming from the COMODO firwall and this spammed infetion notices and disabled internet. It also disabled one of my antiviruses (Windows Defender) and as i was looking up the viruses one the viruses Definitions was Removes all system 32 files on resert Luckly my antivirus caught this and i removed it immediatly and when i restarted my computer with COMODO still ative it continued to disabled my internet but then it removed access to AVG and Windows defender so i had to uninstall COMODO and restart my pc and on a note … AVG reported each and every virus was from COMODO and the COMODO firewall would not block any virus attacks and i had all levels set to maximum and did NOT block any virus attacks.