Comodo virus remover! (NOT ANTIVIRUS)

Just for infected computers because some viruses wouldn’t even allow infected computers to visit security website let alone downloading anti virus software or even installing update. I’m talking off a software like COMBOFIX which if developed would probably be better than combofix itself.

I can confirm that combofix is the only software that cleans an infected computer thoroughly.
COMODO an you please make a software like this, it will boost the organization.

Did you mean “Comodo Virus removal Tool” ?
It’s great but It shoild include in CIS too.

I mean as a separate program itself just for removing viruses from infected computers using different methods. Combofix is very powerful, I think you should try it, you’ll see. Viruses doesn’t often allow installation when they hijack a computer but Combofix doesn’t need installation.

Hi mini4me,

1st that is impossible to create such universal Removal Tool that can “clean everything”.
Usually that would be a combination of different Utilities.

The universal cleaner will never be created :wink:

The other important point is - despite that is true - ComoFix is powerful,

  • you should not just give an advice just to “try it”

Please read any instruction and the disclaimer

This Tool must be run only under the supervision of the professional expert (certified malware fighter)
That is written in any serious manual about ComboFix

.... should not run ComboFix unless you are specifically asked to by a helper...

You can damage your system beyond repair before getting any help when this Utility used blindly, because you have or you are suspecting the presence of the alleged infection

The preliminary information gathered by the professional about your infected system can tell when and how one must run it

My regards

I think mini4me means a comodo virus removel tool that can remove certian viruses (like mcaffe stinger)

This Tool must be run only under the supervision of the professional expert (certified malware fighter)
I agree, if "comofix" malfuctions or you ■■■■■ something up, you better hope a professional expert can fix the damage that comofixes created.