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I love all my free Comodo products. I think it would great and help everyone if Comodo made some virus removal tools. Like a Antirootkit and free scanner. I know that Comodo has already made products like CAV,CCE,CRD,CCS. I believe it would be great if they made stuff like NPE,McAfee Stinger,Kaspersky TDSSKiller,Dr.Webs Cureit!, F-Secure Easy clean, Sophos Virus Removal tool,Etc… I am not say take there stuff just make a free product like it. Now most of you all are going to say “just download CAV” but I use Kaspersky AV and antivirus have a history of not playing well togther. If a product was made that I could simply download as a Zip Folder (like TDSS killer) and use it along with my other Security products. Something I could make put on a thumb drive and use it on the go. This would also be a benefit for Geek Buddy as they can use the tool also to help clean your computer.

-Any ideas?
-Do you like the idea? Just tell me what you think ??? :-\

This is what Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) was made for.

It is portable and is meant to clean infections from even the most infected computers. Try it out and see if you think it’s a good fit for your needs.


I understand that :} and I have used CCE many times but I had problems with have alot of FPs. Plus it has to be downloaded into a folder. If I download NPE or Kaspersky TDSS Killer. It a much smaller download and it just one application file. If your like me and just want to click and run it is easy to use. Also it would be nice if Comodo had something like this : Bitdefender - Global Leader in Cybersecurity Software or or like this Free recovery tools . ;D

Also I love CID and Comodo Dragon :} but it would be nice if you made a IE version and Opera just a thought. ;D

Hi Ivan12345,
It would not be possible due to licencing and copyright regulations.
They are not open source software.
Open-source software
Examples of Open-source software

then how did Comodo make a firefox and chrome ???

Both Firefox and Chrome are open-source.

oh well…hmmm i got to think about that one :-[

The following links might help explain the definition of open-source.
What is Open Source Software?-webopedia
The Open Source Definition

Looks like I have some reading to do :wink:

What if Comodo made it own version of Mozilla Thunderbird? :-La ???

Is there a Linux based Rescue disk (ISO)

Comodo Rescue Disk.

The new CIS v6 now contains Comodo Cleaning Essentials from which you can also create Comodo Rescue Disk.

Cool, so where do I find this in CIS6, can’t find it. What I also mis is the config windows there gone…

It is in the Advanced Tasks of v6 and not in CCE as I stated erroneously.

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