Comodo Virus database and online scanning.

Hi, I got a new Compaq laptop in December Windows 7 OS, it came with Symantec AV which I uninstalled as soon as I could, I downloaded the latest CIS and installed it, today I has been trying to scan the computer and the Updating Virus Database keeps on 30 % downloaded, I checked for any problem in the diagnostics and nothing wrong was detected, I thought maybe some kind of connection problem so I started my Dell XPS and began a scan, the virus database update started with no problem and the scan began immediately, in the windows 7 system there is a a message alert which says to activate Comodo antivirus, I did that and nothing happened, the message still remains there, I was wondering if there is a way to manually download the virus DB update and install it manually, also I was wondering if Comodo has an online scanning as other antivirus provider have.
Should I uninstall the CIS in the Win 7 and reinstall it, why I do need to activate the AV, never before I had this kind of issues and I am quite sure it is a Microsoft issue.

Database updates “freeze” at 30%, what is going on?. Does this answer your question?