Comodo Virtual Keyboard

I wish Comodo would add a virtual keyboard to its Internet Security, similar to Kaspersky’s, but The keyboard would be run in an environment where it can’t be tampered with. Comodo has a Keyboard in the Kiosk but that is only in the kiosk.

Anyone think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

Comodo Has a virtual keyboard in the virtual kiosk.

He is aware of that. He wants to use one outside the Kiosk.

oh ok…That is a good idea. sorry for that.

“Leave that to Kaspersky” ROFL! ;D

My view: Why not? :slight_smile:

From what I know Kaspersky is the only internet security product that offers a virtual keyboard. Comodo could be the first free one to do so.

That might be so… I’m not sure about others as well apart from Kaspersky… But I found it very funny still LOL! :slight_smile: Good idea. I agree. :slight_smile:

I would enjoy having it outside the Kiosk to use as well :smiley:


→ Keyboard provided by Windows


Also available under ‘Ease of Access’ in Windows start menu. :slight_smile:

The windows keyboard is there, but it would be more secure, in my opinion for Comodo to create a virtual keyboard outside of the kiosk and it shouldn’t be too difficult since Comodo already has a keyboard in the kiosk.

I understand what you are saying Netguy101. :-TU

Can Virtual Keyboard block the screenlogger by itself?


I don’t think screenloggers are a threat to people who use virtual keyboards. I think the only threat it keyloggers, which a virtual keyboard in immune to.