COMODO Virtual Desktop and... shared cookies [?]

Hi. I have a question.

Today I was experimenting with comodo virtual desktop.
On the real system i was being logged into facebook on firefox.
I also fired up comodo virtual desktop to enter some other websites.
While I was in the virtual desktop on firefox, I opened facebook
by accidentally clicking on the bookmark… and it loaded without checking for password.

While I thought this is a bit strange, I switched back to the normal desktop, logged out of facebook
and when I returned in the virtual desktop, it logged me out of facebook as well.

So… Is it not risky to use what seems to be a form of shared cookies in the kiosk assuming it is sandboxed?
How about data in the browser inside the sandbox, will that reach the real pc?

Please help me understand :slight_smile:

Sandboxed applications are allowed READ access to existing files on the real system. The sandbox is to to prevent modification to existing files and to stop creating new files on the system. So if you have a cookie set for a website when using a non-sandboxed browser, then the sandboxed browser will have access to that cookie. But if you use a sandboxed browser that sets a cookie when visiting a website, that cookie will not persist on the real system, therefore when you visit that same website using a non-sandboxed browser, the cookie won’t exist and will be set as if there was not a cookie in the first place.

Continuing on topic of Browsers run on Sandbox and cookies:
If i run latest Chrome in Windows OS from Widget pop-up > Run installed browser on sandbox (Chrome). After i close Chrome (sandbox session) and click Reset sandbox, it won’t erase cookies set by Chrome in sandbox session. Ie after Reset sandbox and reopening Chrome, cookies are still present, not erased by Reset sandbox. Is it functioning as expected per design like this?

Sorry, my mistake. Like futuretech explained.

I was a bit confused on fact that Sandboxed browser will actually read un-sandboxed browser’s cookie: IF cookie is set outside sandbox AND Sandboxed browser does not have a cookie of it’s own set inside sandbox. Or this what i assume it will behave now :slight_smile: And, if sandboxed browser sets cookie in sandbox, Erase sandbox will erase cookie set in sandbox (confusing for me was, that it just starts using un-sandboxed cookie then again instead). So it seems fine i guess :slight_smile: