Comodo virtual browser versus virtual kiosk - when use which?

I have been using CIS for some years and still haven’t figured this out. I run a single PC, Windows 7, not on a network.

I am concerned currently about the Cryptolocker virus. I understand CIS protects against this. Is that correct?

That aside, I run what I call Virtual Comdodo dragon, a browser, but never Virtual kiosk, which is totally different. Given this browser is a virtual browser, why and when should I use the kiosk? - what is the point of it for me? I note the keyboard to prevent keylogging, and virtual space to save stuff. Are these the only reasons I might use the kiosk and not the browser?

I’ve tried for answers to these questions in the forums. I noted some time ago another member raised them, equally perplexed as I am.

The kiosk is essentialy a virtualized environment, it gives you a graphical environment you can see rather than an implied one, if that makes any sense…

The virtual browser and virtual kiosk basically use the same technology and you’re safe using either one of them.

Regarding cryptolocker, I can’t really say anything about it so far, still waiting for tests.

It does make sense and I am grateful. Very vood and prompt reply.